Events that the PBL3.0 consortium organizes or participates in are presented in the following Table.

Type (Conference, Workshop, etc) Name Contribution Date and Place
AAU Internal Event AAU Teaching Day Presentation May 3, 2017


Conference WELTEN TELI Conference Presentation March 18, 2016

Heerlen, NL

Conference 24th International IEEE EDUCON Conference in Abu Dhabi (United Arabic Emirates) Keynote April 11-13, 2016

Abu Dhabi, United Arabic Emirates

Conference Open Education Global Conference 2016 Presentation April 12-14, 2016

Krakow, PL

Conference 11th Laeringsfestivalen Conference Presentation May 09-10, 2016

Trondheim, Norway

Conference 25th European EDEN Conference in Budapest (Hungary) Presentation June 15-18, 2016

Budapest, Hungary

Conference 1st International Lensky Education Forum Keynote August 15-18, 2016

Yakutsk, Republic of Sacha, Russian Federation

Conference UNESCO-IITE Conference Presentation September 05-06, 2016

St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

Conference The 11th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL) Presentation at Workshop September 13 -16, 2016

Lyon, FR

Conference Online Educa Berlin (OEB) Presentation and Panel participation December 01-02, 2016 Berlin, Germany
Conference Digital Risks – Digital Chances Presentation December 13, 2016

Sittard, The Netherlands

Conference OE Global 2017 Presentation March 07-10, 2017

Cape Town, South Africa

Conference IEEE EDUCON 2017 Presentation April, 25-28, 2017

Athens, Greece

Conference 18TH BOC STRATEGIC PARTNER MEETING Booth September, 8-9, 2017

Vienna, Austria

Fair Annual Moscow International Education Fair Presentation April 14-15, 2016

Moscow, Russian Federation

Festival Denmark’s Learning Festival 2016 Exhibition Booth March 15-16, 2016
Meeting DUEL-network meeting (Network for e-learning at Danish Universities) Presentation May 24, 2016

Copenhagen, DK

Summer School 12th Joint European Summer School on Technology Enhanced Learning Workshop: “Integrating LA with PBL” June 18-25, 2016

Tallinn, EE

Webinar Open Education Week webinar Presentation March 7-11, 2016
Workshop LAEP/LACE Expert Learning Analytics Workshop: The implications and opportunities of learning analytics for European educational policy Presentation March 15-16, 2016

Amsterdam, NL

Workshop IEEE EDUCON 2017

3rd OMI-LAB WORKSHOP Teaching Conceptual Modelling

Presentation April, 25-28, 2017

Athens, Greece

Symposium Open Education (on occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the eLearning Faculty of the Korean National Open University) Keynote May, 12, 2017

Seoul, South Korea

Workshop The Future of Learning and Libraries (organized by Hogeschool Zuid) Invited speech May, 19, 2017

Heerlen, The Netherlands

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