Project deliverables

D.1.1 PBL analysis
D.1.2 LA analysis
D1.3 PBL_LA educational approach
D.2.1 Semantic model design
D.2.2 Semantic annotation tool
D.3.1 PBL modules analysis and configuration
D.3.2 LA modules analysis and configuration
D.4.1 Courses design and materials
D.4.2 Trials report
D.4.3 Trials evaluation report
D.5.1 Community building platform v.1
D.5.2 Community building platform final version
D.5.3 Policy recommendations
D.6.1 Dissemination plan and material
D.6.2 Dissemination activities Report
D.6.3 Final Dissemination activities Report
D.6.4 Interim Exploitation and Sustainability Plan
D.6.5 Final Exploitation and Sustainability Plan
D.7.1 Quality Assurance plan
D.7.2 Interim Quality Assurance Report
D.7.3 Final Quality Assurance Report
D.8.1 Project Management plan
D.8.2 Interim Project Management Report
D.8.3 Final Project Management Report
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