Work Packages

WP1: PBL_LA educational approach construction
The aim of this WP is to construct a new pedagogical approach that combines the well structured PBL strategy with LA in order to foster a novel paradigm in education and training.

WP2: PBL_LA semantic model design and annotation tool
The aim of this WP is to define and implement a semantic model for PBL_LA, which will enable the annotation and description of learning resources in order to easily integrate them to the PBL approach and enable their discoverability when setting personalized learning pathways.

WP3: PBL_LA modules configuration
The aim of this WP is to identify, configure and adapt Learning analytics tools to meet the needs of the PBL_LA approach. These tools cover the whole Learning Analytics life-cycle: i) data gathering, ii) information processing, iii) knowledge application.

WP4: Courses preparation, trials and evaluation
This WP aims to carry out activities that will implement, test and assess the domain-independent models constructed in WP1 and WP2 and put to use the software modules identified and configured in WP3.

WP5: Policy recommendations and community building ecosystem
This WP aims to build on the long term objectives of the cooperation project, i.e. to bring out the benefits of the results proposed and developed that could raise the quality in education and training and transform future policy actions in the two fields.

WP6: Dissemination and Exploitation
The aim of this WP is twofold. First, to create awareness on the project and disseminate its progress and results to the appropriate stakeholders including policy makers, market players and researchers/academics from the targeted sectors. Second, to prepare the ground for the result’s exploitation after the project end, i.e. open and free distribution of project results to the market including the ICT industry, the public sector and the academic community.

WP7: Quality Assurance
The aim of this WP is to provide quality monitoring mechanisms that will guarantee the results’ superiority as well as the timely progress of the project.

WP8: Project Management
The aim of this WP is to ensure that the consortium will collaborate effectively and reach the objectives of the project, or even go beyond expectations, in the given timeframe. Furthermore, the WP is concerned with actual coordination of the project, interfacing with the European Commission, managing budget flows and so on.

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